Lo-fi & Chill K-Indie Picks

By: Claudia Siregar |

Much like the Western music scene, South Korea has its own prominent indie musicians – some dominating the scene along with mainstream K-pop stars, some severely underrated. Not unlike Western and Southeast Asian indie music, K-indie has one thing that differentiates it from mainstream K-pop: the chill and “homemade” vibes K-indie brings to its listeners. In this article, editor Claudia Siregar has compiled a list of the best chill & lo-fi tunes from the Korean indie music scene.

Shape – Nuz feat. Jin Kim

emotions – slchld feat. GILLA & Ripley

Affogato – Kozypop feat. Domingo & Oooo

Tonight – Ra:Mi

Thinkin’ Bout You – Sober feat. Ripley

Remind You – dob feat. Donutman

If you can’t fall asleep – FR:EDEN

Moonlight – OuiOui

What 2 Do – DEAN feat. Crush & Jeff Bernat

Sweet Nothings – So Soo Bin

Coffee – B.O

say what’s on your mind – slchld

괜찮아 – GooNight

absence – FR:EDEN

Sulking – Myle.D

2411 – Crush

not too far – OuiOui

Photograph – offonoff

You, Clouds, Rain – HEIZE feat. Shin Yong Jae

Can’t Wait – Hoody

X – Code Kunst feat. Lee Hi

Jasmine – DPR Live

Yanghwa BRDG – Zion.T

Listen here

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