Earl Sweatshirt Surprises Us With Some Rap Songs

With only two musical features, two very short songs, ranging between one to three minutes per song, self produced lo-fi avant garde jazz samples, and his combination of lyrical mastery and rapping techniques, Earl Sweatshirt once again has to proof that he is not a waste of potential and rapper who has fallen down the cliff - unlike what many people had said about him.

Playlist: Stoner Rock 101

This playlist curated by Ralka Skjerseth is an introduction to stoner rock for those who are new to the scene. Stoner rock itself is a fusion genre that emerged in the 1990s. It incorporates elements of psychedelic rock, heavy metal, blues rock, and doom metal. Some of the main characteristics of this genre are heavy drum beats, slow to middling tempos, low-tuned guitar lines, and distorted, groovy sounds. Some of the pioneers of this genre are Fu Manchu, Kyuss, and Sleep.

Not Sad, Pretty Fulfilled: The Review

Hailing all the way from Yogyakarta, Indonesian alt-rock three-piece Grrrl Gang made their most recent comeback with their mini album “Not Sad, Not Fulfilled”. The mini album consists of five tracks fresh out of the oven (save for “Pop Princess” and “Dream Grrrl” - these two tracks were released as a single earlier this year), topped with a somewhat colourful retro aesthetic to suit the theme of the highly anticipated mini album.

Going Back to the Riff-filled Land with “The Sciences” by Sleep

Sleep, the renowned pinnacle of stoner and doom scene, are bringing us back to the riff-filled land. They are back on releasing a studio album after almost 20 years ever since Dopesmoker was released. There has been a little warning about the release of “The Sciences”, which was released under Third Man Records. “The Sciences” itself is a transcendental and powerful record under a newer, promising lineup (with Jason Roeder from Neurosis on drums) that has been around ever since they reunited on 2009. It’s nice to have an offering to the holy trinity of riffs, weed, and Black Sabbath back.