Aim Above…Bound Below: A Jove Satara Review

By: Claudia Siregar & Alvindra

Another day, another newcomer in the pop music industry. However, Ganendra Satria, who goes by his stage name Jove Satara, is not your usual newcomer. Having released a self-written single, one of them produced by up-and-coming producer imnot9o, Satara is breaking and crossing over boundaries of conventional “Indonesia-made” alternative pop in his very first release, “Aim Above, Bound Below.” The double single is made up of two singles: Crossover and Out of Water.

Crossover is a synth heavy alternative pop song. The main theme of the track is Satara’s regret over missed opportunity, most likely related to an ex-lover. He knows that it wouldn’t be that way with different circumstances yet he still blames himself. Those regrets he keeps feeling and how he wishes he had done something are painted beautifully in lyrics like “We should both cross the line / Let ourselves lose our minds, spare our time, for a while” and “Maybe I’ll Crossover / Get to know you better”. It is clear that Satara is depicting his struggle in facing both personal and societal problems, and his word choices in this track couldn’t be better. Judging from the use of multiple types of synths and 808s, this track is heavily influenced by synthpop, electropop, and dreampop. The track is sonically good, with clean mixing and mastering. The use of metaphors and symbolism in the lyrics is a plus point, since it made the lyrics much deeper. Satara’s singing voice evokes emotion from the deep, introspective lyrics. Overall, Crossover is a very nice conscious, introspective alternative pop track that many people can relate to.

The second single, Out of Water, a well-produced electropop track, tells us a story of how the singer struggles to get out of his comfort zone. “To think that I could live out of water / Question my philosophy in the shower” – the lyrics perfectly describe Satara’s doubts in stepping out of his comfort zone (hence the metaphor “living out of water”) and coming into terms with a part of his identity that he’s been denying. High quality production, synth drops, and rock-inspired guitar sounds add to the already heavy lyrics, creating a sonically intense atmosphere, pushing the audience to feel the intensity inside Satara’s conflicted mind and sense of identity. This track, I have to say, is a modern example of how art should be able to awaken something inside its beholder – in this case, some kind of beautiful discomfort that moves the listener to get out of their comfort zone and come into terms with a part of themselves that they’re not okay with – but they should be okay with.

Overall, this release is a powerful, moving one for a first release by a newcomer, perfected with high quality production and mixing. Welcome to the music industry and keep aiming above everyone else, Jove Satara!

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