Sunmi Shocks Us Once Again With “NOIR”

By: Claudia Siregar |

One of K-pop’s leading second generation idols, Lee Sunmi (previously of JYP’s hit girlgroup Wonder Girls), is back with her single “Noir”. The single was a heavily anticipated one, and not unlike her previous releases such as “Gashina” and “Heroine”, Sunmi has once again created something danceable and listenable at the same time. The single charted on the iTunes top K-pop chart in no time, making it one of the internationally highest-charting K-pop tunes of the month.

“Noir” is a lo-fi dance-pop track with dreamy-sounding synths and late 70s synthpop influences. It’s definitely darker than Sunmi’s previous releases, taking on the theme of social media addiction and the internet’s glamorization of certain things as seen on its music video and lyrics. In her song, Sunmi sings about how the internet society only cares if a person is sensational at the moment or in pain – and how it brings out issues such as people building fake personas and hurting themselves for the sake of being validated and famous. This is depicted in the somewhat dark-themed music video (involving needles and hospital beds – don’t get fooled by the colourful aesthetics!).

Other than the hard-jabbing lyrics and music video, Sunmi serves us with high quality production despite of the lo-fi sound design, something she and her team have been consistent with ever since her debut as a solo artist. It’s no wonder that the song topped music charts in South Korea within hours of its release (and international K-pop charts too).

Listen to the song here:

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