Review: Lovebirds by Far East Movement feat. LAY

By: Zessa Ghaisani |

Chinese artist, Lay Zhang, lent his talent for the collaborative track “Lovebird” with Asian-American trio Far East Movement. Lay sings in Mandarin about how the protagonist of the song wants to spend the night with someone he loves, and it would’ve felt better if they were together. The song is the 4th released single for Far East Movement’s upcoming album.

The song opens with electronic instruments and sound effects with rapper Kev Nish whispering in the background. Even though the song sounds heavily autotuned, “Lovebird” is hella catchy. The chorus includes a sample of “Two Princes” by Spin Doctor which unexpectedly fits well into the song.

There’s not much to be commented over the song, aside from how much of a bop it is. The beat will surely be stuck in your head.

Far East Movement has been known to produce music with East and West fusion, and the song “Lovebird” once again proved it. Lay also did well in the song – it felt like he’s really meant to collab with the electronic group. “Lovebird” is a perfect jam to welcome Spring.

Score: 7 out of 10

Listen to the song here:

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