Hindia’s ‘Secukupnya’: Sadness in Moderation

“Kapan terakhir kali kamu dapat tertidur tenang?” (When was the last time you slept well?) The question echoes on Hindia’s (also known as vocalist Baskara Putra) first line of his latest single, “Secukupnya.” It’s a rhetorical question, but it calls on us to answer it. Baskara asks us to stop for a while and evaluate that.

A love story that will last throughout the “Four Seasons” by Chanyeol

Park Chanyeol, or known mononymously as Chanyeol, is one of the most popular EXO members. He is also known for his passion in making musics, and had posted some of his covers of popular songs or self-produced music in his SoundCloud channel. He finally released a solo track two weeks ago, titled “봄 여름 가을 겨울 (SSFW)”, which also means Spring, Summer, Fall Winter” or “Four Seasons”.

Re-living Our Organised Chaos: A Playlist

Our first-ever gig and launching party was held last Saturday at D’Lab Building Menteng, Jakarta. Didn’t make it the other day? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a playlist filled with our performers’ original music and songs played by the DJs at our gig just for you – and those who want to jump into our first-gig-nostalgia. Enjoy.