Living Like Sehun and Chanyeol

Sehun and Chanyeol are among the most popular members of South Korean-Chinese boy group, EXO. They created a whole new unit under the name EXO-SC, making it EXO's second subunit after EXO-CBX, with a fresh hip hop-inspired sound. Their first debut album, titled "What a life" was just recently released on July 22nd, consisting of 6 tracks with lyrics completely written by the duo and three title tracks, "What a life", "있어 희미하게 Just us 2", "부르면 돼 Closer to you", each song complemented by a music video.

Sound Check, vol. 5 with ENVY*

ENVY* is a distinct voice in the Indonesian music scene. In a scene dominated by solo rappers, this collective is a significant player inside the scarcity of Indonesian hip hop collectives. With their innovation, catchy music, and idiosyncratic message, ENVY* is on their way to becoming a major voice in the Indonesian hip hop scene. The Speedofsoundmag team talked to ENVY* about NO WONDER WE HAVE NO FRIENDS, self-expression, and the t-slur.

Playlist: The Rising Väinämöinen — a Guide to Finnish Folk Metal

The Finnish folk metal music has been a magnum opus in the history of the Finnish metal scene. Finnish folk metal music can mainly be identified by the use of Finnish traditional instrument kantele, as well as other traditional instruments such as nyckelharpa and flutes. The feature of minor pentatonic melodies is also prominent in the music. Do not forget the influence of the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland that was put together in 1835 by Elias Lönnrot — most of Finnish metal band incorporate elements from the Kalevala in their lyrics. So, to summarize, the Finnish folk metal music takes influence from Finnish folklore, nature, and traditions, in which, a bit of fantasy is also incorporated. Most of the bands have energetic and intensive vibes. Here, contributor Ralka Skjerseth curates a playlist of her personal choices of Finnish folk metal tunes. Enjoy!

Sound Check, vol. 4 with Lightcraft

Anthemic indie rock band Lightcraft is back with their newest album, ‘Us Is All’. To mark the release of this album on June 27th, they also held a gig with various indie rock/indie pop artists such as Rebelsuns, Tanayu, Agrikulture, Neonomora, Aya Anjani, Muhammad Arief of Rumahsakit, Nanin Wardhani of Nonaria, Rai Putriansyah, Sakti, Estusk, and Provoke! Repro Alumni Choir. We had the chance to discuss about Lightcraft’s inspiration in making ‘Us Is All’ and their opinion on the current Indonesian indie rock scene.