Playlist: The Rising Väinämöinen — a Guide to Finnish Folk Metal

The Finnish folk metal music has been a magnum opus in the history of the Finnish metal scene. Finnish folk metal music can mainly be identified by the use of Finnish traditional instrument kantele, as well as other traditional instruments such as nyckelharpa and flutes. The feature of minor pentatonic melodies is also prominent in the music. Do not forget the influence of the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland that was put together in 1835 by Elias Lönnrot — most of Finnish metal band incorporate elements from the Kalevala in their lyrics. So, to summarize, the Finnish folk metal music takes influence from Finnish folklore, nature, and traditions, in which, a bit of fantasy is also incorporated. Most of the bands have energetic and intensive vibes. Here, contributor Ralka Skjerseth curates a playlist of her personal choices of Finnish folk metal tunes. Enjoy!

Under The Radar Indie Folk

Indie folk artists have been lesser known to most music enthusiasts, but it does not necessarily mean they are not good. Here is a playlist with 20 songs from indie folk artists who have striven under the radar, with artists including Irish singer and songwriter Rosie Carney, English folk duo Seafret, Australian band The Paper Kites.