Remembering Djaduk Ferianto

One of Indonesia’s leading figures in music and performing arts, Djaduk Ferianto, passed away last week. With a career spanning for decades, he has contributed to Indonesia’s arts and music scene in a way that is indelible for years to come.

Remembering Sulli

South Korean singer-songwriter Sulli died a week ago in Seoul. Sulli, who started her career through the girl group f(x), remains largely recognizable through her work in K-pop and the Korean entertainment industry at large. Her untimely death reminds us that the strenuous music industry needs to care more about mental health and self-care among both producers and consumers of music.

Remembering Agung Hercules

For an outsider, Agung Hercules is just another dangdut singer with a one-hit wonder, or another bodybuilder internet sensation. But for the people who grew up during the heyday of his only dangdut hit, “Astuti,” Agung Hercules is much, much more than that.