One OK…Rock?

As one of the leading acts in the J-rock scene, ONE OK ROCK has found themselves at the heights of international fame, and now they are back with their ninth studio album “Eye of the Storm” - a fresh release following the singles “Stand Out Fit In”, “Change”, and “Wasted Nights”. Though the album received an abundance of praises, whether it retains ONE OK ROCK’s original J-rock sound - or even any kind of rock-influenced sound - is definitely still up for debate.

The Classical Series, vol. 3: Classical Sampling and Influences in Rock and Metal Music

At first, it may seem a bit difficult to find a link between the “harshness” of rock and metal music and the stereotypical “soothing” sounds of classical music - yet the similarity could not have been any more prominent, with the presence of classical sampling in many rock songs, the emergence of neo-classical metal bands, and guitar solos and riffs that somewhat imitate symphonies.

Sub Pop Label Playlist

Sub Pop is a Seattle music label founded by Bruce Pavitt in 1986, known for catapulting the grunge genre in the 1990s. Many would think that Sub Pop’s glory days are all in the 90s past, but the label kept recruiting fresh music from around the globe.We have compiled a playlist showcasing Sub Pop’s newest releases; sample the diversity of genres and listen to the great taste of this legendary label.

Bring Me The Horizon Finally Spoke in Their Mother Tongue…Or Did They?

Continuing the release of their 2018 single “MANTRA” and early January 2019 single “medicine”, Bring Me The Horizon has released the singles “mother tongue”, and “nihilist blues” this week, the latter featuring synth pop princess Grimes, to prep us for the release of their next studio album “amo” tomorrow.

The Nostalgia Series, vol. 2: Pulp’s “Common People”

There’s something about Pulp’s “Common People” that still rings in the ears of modern listeners. And maybe it’s more relevant than ever now that change is ringing in the ears of every modern citizen—whether it is calling from the inside or echoing of other people’s voices for change. This spawns a significant wave of activism and its various methods.

Falling Off the Lavender Bridge with Lightspeed Champion

Way before the success of his album Negro Swan, before he produced for the likes of A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, Solange, and Carly Rae Jepsen, before he recorded Original Motion Picture Score fro James Franco’s 2013 film Palo Alto, multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer Devonte Hynes, more widely known for his moniker Blood Orange, released his first album, Falling Off The Lavender Bridge on January 21, 2008.

Sharon van Etten Grasps the Past and Looks to the Future in “Remind Me Tomorrow”

Indie rock veteran Sharon van Etten truly delivers her emotions in her 2019 album, Remind Me Tomorrow. The release has her experimenting with new elements, such as electronica, and it doesn’t fail to showcase her trademark dreamy vocals and heartwrenching lyrics, creating an atmospheric yet grounded sound throughout the album.