Lizzo’s “Juice” and A Newfound Autonomy

I got one of the best advice I’ve ever got just recently, from a conversation with a friend: You have the right to not give permission to other people to make you feel bad. I thought of this advice while I was listening to Lizzo’s “Juice,” one of 2019’s best releases so far. Through a hypnotically danceable song about self-confidence and self-acceptance, “Juice” is the soundtrack to my newfound autonomy.

The Depiction of Berserkers in Kvelertak’s Song “Berserkr” Under the Perspective of Representation According to Stuart Hall

To this day, there has been a myriad of Norse mythology adaptations in pop culture emerging around the world, ranging from comics to movies to music. The Norwegian black-’n’roll/heavy metal band Kvelertak is amongst one of the bands that feature elements relating to Norse mythology in their lyrics, therefore making them a part of the masses that propagate Norse mythology adaptations in pop culture. In this article, writer will specifically discuss about how the lyrics of one of Kvelertak’s songs entitled “Berserkr” depict the eponymous Norse warriors that symbolize fury and bloodlust, Berserkers.