EXO is Playing With Their Own Tempo in “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”

EXO made a decent comeback last month after a long anticipated period—for a K-Pop group, having no album release for more than a year is considered very long, since most K-Pop groups can have more than 1 album release each year. Their 5th album, called “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” showed their strong vocals ability—thanks to SM Entertainment’s strong training in vocals. Overall, the album itself doesn’t disappoint.

“Global Citizen – EP 1”, A Collaborative Experiment from Coldplay’s Side Project “Los Unidades”

In November 2018, Parlophone released an announcement about their newly signed artist, a group called “Los Unidades” in a mysterious teaser picture of the group. Who would’ve thought that the group was revealed to be Coldplay in disguise before the artist finally released their single “E-Lo” featuring artists Pharrell and Jozzy.