Simmer: Hayley Williams’ Next Level?

Paramore sudah berjalan kurang lebih 16 tahun lamanya berawal dengan taste pop punk lewat single hitsnya “Emergency”, “Misery Business” dan “That’s What You Get” hingga mencoba untuk bereksperimen soul, synthpop seperti “Ain’t Fun” dan “Hard Times” saja sudah cukup mengejutkan para penggemarnya. Tapi sepertinya memang Hayley Williams senang mencoba sesuatu yang baru dengan musiknya sekarang ini.

Environmental and Cultural Preservation in .Feast’s ‘Tarian Penghancur Raya’

.Feast recently released their latest single from their upcoming album “Membangun dan Menghancurkan”—the mysterious, powerful “Tarian Penghancur Raya.” In this single we see .Feast returning to their heavier rock roots, after their foray to a more electronically-influenced rock in their previous single and EP. “Tarian Penghancur Raya” not only delivers a sound that entices and intrigues their audience, but it also reminds their audience that the issues of cultural and environmental preservation are interconnected.

Moon Gang captivates us with “The Visit”

In Bam Mastro and Karaeng Adjie’s supergroup, Moon Gang, we can honestly expect anything. Bam Mastro’s eclectic electronic rock sound off of Elephant Kind and Karaeng Adjie’s new 2000s Indonesian Malay rock sound off of Polka Wars makes it a hard guess for their listeners to pin out what kind of sound they will produce with Moon Gang. And with their newest single released called “The Visit,” Moon Gang starts slow while other supergroups start hard.